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How do I empty and clean the filter?

Washing your filter regularly will ensure your RevAir will provide the best results.

If you begin to experience any of the following, your Filter Basket is likely overdue for a cleaning:

  1. Experiencing less tension (suction) on your usual setting.
  2. The Wand Mouth feels hotter than normal.
  3. Results are less sleek and silky in texture and appearance.
  4. The Wand heat begins to shut off during use.


  • Ensure your Filter in your Base is clean.  Not just removed of hair but given a really good scrub with a toothbrush & dish soap.  *We recommend scrubbing 2-3 times then pop it in the dishwasher on the top rack (open side facing up). 

  • Clean both screens on your Heat Chamber Cover found on your Wand

Cleaning your Filter is essential to not only achieve your best results but to maintain the integrity of your RevAir device over time. Filter maintenance is recommended every 3-5 uses.

Removing hair and dust from the Filter basket is not enough.  

Cleaning the Filter mesh screen is key! 

Empty any accumulated hair or debris from the Filter Basket. Rinse the Filter Basket under warm water. Scrub with a soft brush (toothbrush) and mild dishwashing liquid. Alternatively, with the open side up, run the Filter Basket through the wash cycle in the top rack of your dishwasher.

You can check to see if your Filter needs a good clean by running water through it. If it is not draining easily it needs a good scrub with a toothbrush & dish soap.

When your filter is clean light will be able to be seen through the filter screen

*Pictures below exhibit dirty vs clean.  

Save time by adding a washable foam liner inside of your stainless steel filter to make filter cleaning easier than ever. The foam liner acts as a barrier to protect your stainless steel filter and minimize build-up within the mesh that requires scrubbing. 



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