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Is the Rev-Air Filter Basket supposed to include a foam liner?Updated 2 months ago

Each RevAir device comes with a Filter Basket. This is all that you need to Rev! Foam filters are included in the Total Package, or can be purchased separately

Keeping your stainless steel filter clean is essential to maintain the top performance of your RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer. Removing hair and dust from the stainless filter is not enough but removing and scrubbing with soapy water can be time-consuming.

You can save time by adding an optional, washable foam liner to a squeaky-clean stainless filter and make filter cleaning a breeze.The foam liner acts as a barrier to protect the stainless steel filter and minimize build up on the mesh.

RevAir recommends cleaning foam liner every 5 uses by removing any loose hair, rinsing with warm soapy water, and air drying. Foam liners are sold in packs of 2, so you will always have a fresh, clean spare while the other is drying.

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