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Lessons by Ladosha: Reving Thick, Coarse, Coily HairUpdated 2 years ago

We at RevAir subscribe that hair care and hairstyling are about three simple principles: the right products, the right tools, and the right techniques to increase the likelihood of desired results. 
The difference between "okay" and "AMAZING" results could be in the technique used (detangling and size of sections), tool (the comb), and/or tension setting.
  • First things first - be sure your hair is wet. Wet hair dries smoothly. Wet hair with product to ensure the cuticles are flat for fewer tangles and smoother results! I recommend using Wave Goodbye - it works wonders to provide some slip to the hair, fight frizz, and improve overall results. 
  • Feel free to pour your product into the RevAir water bottle (the continuous spray mister is amazing). This will help saturate hair evenly and make detangling easier. Yes, you can absolutely dilute your product with a little water to stretch usage and save money! 
Properly detangled hair is sure to make the RevAir drying process easier, faster, and smoother. I highly recommend using a slightly wide-toothed comb, such as our Wright Comb (pictured below). The wider the teeth on the comb, the less effective the detangling process, and the hair will start to dry out too fast. This type of comb untangles hair without pulling out excessive hair and results in smoother detangled sections. 

Remember: If your hair is wet with water + the use of your product and/or Wave Goodbye, it will detangle easier. 
Next, assess the section sizes you are using and the number you have your tension setting on. I've used RevAir on many different hair types and textures, and find the most success on tension settings 3 or 4 for hair fabric that is coarser in texture with a coily pattern (type 3-4)
Each section should be no wider than 2-3 fingers. Keep in mind that the wider the sections + the dryer the hair is before you insert your hair in the wand = the less smooth the hair. 

Written by Stylist, Educator, and Salon Professional Ladosha Wright. 

 Find more Ladosha on IG @msladosha

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