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Lessons by Ladosha: Squeaky Clean 4C HairUpdated a year ago

To increase the likelihood of desired results, our resident expert Ladosha Wright promotes the added benefits of squeaky clean hair prior to using the Tribology products and RevAir. Her advice is a bit of a long read but believes it will help with the results of RevAir.   

The first key here is to understand the anatomy of 4c hair as fine. It is susceptible to snapping and breakage. Its recoiling (springy) properties can make achieving squeaky clean hair challenging. 4c hair has to be cleansed in sections to thoroughly cleanse the scalp area.  A clean scalp ensures no debris is left on the scalp and hair and maintains integrity. Thoroughly cleansed 4c hair does not snap, break, or become brittle. Debris, fibrin (flakes), or residue left on the scalp and 4c hair almost always yield unpredictable results when drying and styling 4c hair, especially with the RevAir device.

Squeaky clean 4c hair provides a consistent base for the products to adhere to and helps the cuticles lie flat for smoother RevAir results. Tension 4 works best of 4c hair with the wand heat set on high (II). Sections that are no larger than 3 fingers also work best for 4c textured hair. Wave Goodbye hair primer is formulated for types 1-2. 4c hair represents 1-2 within RevAir's Tribology understanding and respect to categorized 4c hair because 4c hair is fine - so using Wave Goodbye really helps with results.

To achieve squeaky clean 4c hair do the following: 

  • Detangle hair
  • Wet hair
  • Detangle hair in the size of three fingers subsections (4-6) depending on the density of hair
  • Clip each section
    • Spray each section with water
    • Apply shampoo to the scalp 
      • Scrub scalp vigorously till tingle is felt
      • Gently rub shampoo in a downward motion ONLY as to not tangle but clean 4c textured hair
  • Repeat scrubbing and rubbing downward motions ONLY with each section
    • Rinse and repeat (until hair squeaks or combs easily). 

Condition in between shampoos to prevent tangling. 

  • Rinse and apply your favorite conditioner and comb each section. 
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Condition hair
  • Create  3 fingered size subsections (4-6) 
  • Rinse

Before Reving your hair, apply WAVE GOODBYE in dime size amounts to each subsection. Make sure hair is still wet (but not soaking, dripping wet).Rev your hair with Heat on High (II) and the tension setting on 4. (The higher the number the more brittle the result. The thicker the sections, the more brittle and the dryer the sections, the more brittle... so use a lower setting with smaller sections for best results)

Below are two videos to check out!

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