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PRO TIPS: Reving Type 2A HairUpdated 2 years ago

Written By: Angela Gregory
RevAir Salon Partner & Contributing Author
Reving TYPE 2A HAIR is almost 2 easy! RevAir makes taking wavy hair to sleek and soft, faster and easier than ever before. 
I am so grateful for this revolutionary product! It's user-friendly and guaranteed to get you dry and straight in half the time!




  • LAY LOW: If you think of the TENSION SETTING on the RevAir as how hard you would have to pull a round brush to get the hair straight, then you know TYPE 2A HAIR will not require much tension. Typically, I rev TYPE 2A HAIR on TENSION SETTING 3, sometimes 4 for a little extra punch!
  • PART TO PLAY: Sectioning is important when reving. I consider myself rather particular when it comes to sectioning. The best practice, start with approximately 3x3 inch sections throughout the head. If you don’t section and just grab the hair, you likely won't get the desired results. 
  • STEADY AS SHE GOES: To get your roots completely dry and to give you sleek results, let the Wand do the work. Keep your hair inside the Wand and Wand near the scalp. DO NOT PUMP the Wand up and down or hair in and out. Pumping the Wand can disrupt the airflow and may cause tangles on the ends of the hair. 

  •  SHINE ON: Prior to reving, I use Kenra Blow Dry Spray. It’s light, unlike most serums - and it’s a bonus that it keeps my RevAir Filter cleaner longer than other products. 

Looking for more 411? CLICK HERE to see more videos of RevAir & Type 2a Hair.

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