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PRO TIPS: Reving Type 3B HairUpdated a year ago

Written By: Vanessa Wong
RevAir Salon Partner & Contributing Author
 Reving TYPE 3B HAIR is a truly satisfying experience, as it responds well to heat and Reverse-Air technology.  
 Generally, when in contact with moisture or left to air dry, TYPE 3B HAIR is susceptible to frizz.

Before & After Photo (C) Vanessa Wong




  • RIDZ OF FRIZZ: Prior to reving, I find using products such as Biosilk Silk Therapy in damp hair to help reduce frizz and keep the hair from tangling on itself.

  •   SET APART:  Creating sections (usually 6-8) prior to using your Revair allows a smooth and speedy Rev session. The RevAir loves wet hair, so it can be a good practice to spray down with water and comb sections of hair before inserting into the Wand.

  • ABOUT TIME: Each section should remain in the Wand for 45-60 SECONDS with TENSION LEVEL 6-7 and HIGH HEAT (II) TEMPERATURE SETTING. Lock in the cuticle seal and shine, by switching TEMPERATURE SETTING to NO HEAT (O) for 10 SECONDS before removing from the Wand.

  •  SMOOTH OPERATOR: As a stylist, I prefer light flat ironwork after reving to completely shut the cuticle to fully combat frizz, followed with a mist of Kenra's Dry Oil Control Spray. You, as many others do too, may find that no additional straightening efforts are needed to get your desired result.

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