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PRO TIPS: Reving Type 4A HairUpdated a year ago

Written By: Michelle Latimer
RevAir Salon Partner & Contributing Author
TYPE 4A HAIR is often more thin and fine than other Type 4 hair types. That said, the coils can be plentiful. Coily hair has fewer cuticle layers to protect it, so the low heat levels and absence of hot plates in the RevAir device make it a game-changer for TYPE 4A HAIR
The springy S pattern of TYPE 4A HAIR is gently and easily stretched when using the Reverse-Air technology only found in RevAir. Not to mention, hair is done without the use of a brush that can cause friction and breakage. This means simply beautiful results while caring for the health of your hair.
Third-party trials and my experience (and an Instagram page full of testimonials) show it takes 1/3 of the time as previous methods for TYPE 4A HAIR to be dried and straightened. It is as easy as parting into sections and letting the Rev do the work!

Before & After Photo (C) Michelle Latimer



  • DOWN TO SIZE: Detangle each section with a Denman Brush. Split hair in 4 quadrants, and secure with hair clips.  You can double twist each quadrant to help with extra stretch. Subsection about 1/2 INCH and dry with RevAir. Section size depends on hair density. Some start with sections as large as 3-inch x 3-inch.
  • HIGH GEAR: Even though it’s called High, RevAir’s heat levels are approximately half those found in traditional devices.  If you have TYPE 4A HAIR, you have nothing to fear by using TEMPERATURE SETTING HIGH (II). RevAir has proven on my clients to be a gentler, healthier, more effective option.
  • SPEED AHEAD: Every person’s hair is different, so you should follow the instructions that come with your RevAir to find your ideal TENSION SETTING. With 7 settings, there is one for everyone!  I find for TYPE 4A HAIR, I commonly use TENSION SETTING 6 or 7

Looking for more 411? CLICK HERE to see more videos of RevAir & Type 4b Hair.

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