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PRO TIPS: Reving Type 4B HairUpdated 2 years ago

Written By: Valerie Selby
RevAir Salon Partner & Contributing Author
I understand how RevAir can seem a little scary, even intimidating. Women with coily hair have often seen and tried it all, only to harm the health of their hair. But RevAir is here - and things are different in the best way possible!  
When reving TYPE 4B HAIR, I find I get the best results when using a TENSION LEVEL 6-7 and the HIGH HEAT (II) TEMPERATURE SETTING. 
Before you begin, I recommend using a LIGHT LEAVE IN OR SERUM PROTECTANT.
The coiliness of the curl pattern may make it necessary to USE SMALLER SECTIONS when you begin. It won’t take long to find your ideal section side for you.  
For many with TYPE 4B HAIR, ADDITIONAL STYLING IS NEEDED after using the RevAir;  but the TIME IS GREATLY REDUCED in terms of both drying and styling the hair compared to traditional methods. You will soon find, RevAir is a HUGE TIMESAVER for those drying coily hair.

Before & After Photo (C) Valerie Selby



  • DON’T RUSH, BRUSH: If hair is coming out of a protective style, or any style in which it has been secured up and not combed through for some time (i.e. box braids), you may want to thoroughly detangle each section of your hair. This step isn’t required, but I find it makes it easier and even faster to Rev the hair.

  • DEAD & GONE: After detangling, it is a good idea to go back over the entire head with a smaller comb. Remember, the head sheds approximately 50-100 hairs a day and while in a protective /updo style this process has not been able to take place. You want these removed before reving to ensure the best results and to avoid loose strands from causing tangling.

  • HIGH 5: If your hair is on the FINER side of the Type 4B spectrum, I recommend taking the Tension Level down to a 5 to avoid any stiffness or snarls at the ends.

  • IN NO TIME, FLAT: After reving, I follow up with a flat iron. Because RevAir provides such amazing results, much less heat is required and the time needed to finish the hair is substantially decreased compared to a blow dryer and round brush.

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