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PRO TIPS: Reving Type 4C HairUpdated 2 years ago

Written By: Maggie Lewis
RevAir Salon Partner & Contributing Author
TYPE 4C HAIR is beautiful. It is unique - in wonderful ways - and can be easy to care for, maintain, and style with the right tips and tricks!
The tightest curls of all hair patterns, TYPE 4C HAIR forms tight S, Z, or coils. TYPE 4C HAIR shares many of the other characteristics of type 4 hair; however, individuals with TYPE 4C HAIR can have different hair densities and porosities. These differences often change how the hair behaves.

Before & After Photo (C) Maggie Lewis


Using a RevAir on  TYPE 4C HAIR  is transformative in a way traditional products have not been! The powerful Reverse-Air suction allows hair to dry fast with little heat and no friction. RevAir takes hair from coils to straight in no time. Third-party trials and my experience show it takes 1/3 of the time as previous methods. It’s unbelievable how much simpler RevAir makes managing your hair with no problems at all. No tangles, no dryness, no hassles! You can comb right through and easily part into sections to prepare for your finishing style.



  • HIGH FIVE: Although each person’s hair is different in thickness, I find I am able to section and Rev the hair in approximately 5 sections using the HIGH (II) TEMPERATURE HEAT SETTING. A great place to start is with 3 inches by 3-inch sections while learning to use RevAir.

  • HOLD TIGHT: If you were to use a round brush on TYPE 4C HAIR, you would have to pull the brush very taut to get results. With RevAir, no brush is needed. I typically use TENSION SETTING 4-6 depending on the density and let the Reverse-Air do the work.

  • SPRAY THERE: Before I begin to rev, I apply a light serum. TYPE 4C HAIR tends to lack moisture, the light serum is a nice touch and amplifies the results you get with RevAir.

  • TICK TOCK: Other hair types may not need more than 30 seconds in the Wand. However, for this hair type, I put each section in the Wand for at least 60 seconds - sometimes 90. Even at 90 seconds per section, RevAir dries and straightens the hair three times faster than traditional methods.

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