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How to care for your RevAir

How do I care for my RevAir?

With minimal, regular maintenance, your RevAir should continue for years working as if brand new. Empty & Scrub your filter at least once every 5 Revs. To do so, simply unlock the filter panel at the hose base by rotating the panel latch

What voltage does the current RevAir work on?

The current RevAir model available will work in a 120V/60hz 15amp outlet.  It will not operate with the use of a converter, adaptor, or transformer and only available for shipping to the USA & Canada at this time.  Connecting the 120V US/Canada

Is the Rev-Air Filter Basket supposed to include a foam liner?

Each RevAir device comes with a Filter Basket. This is all that you need to Rev! Foam filters are included in the Total Package, or can be purchased separately. Keeping your stainless steel filter clean is essential to maintain the top performance of