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Can I use RevAir on chemically straightened hair, or wigs, weaves & extensions?Updated a year ago

Yes! RevAir is the only hair tool that can also dry extensions, twist-outs, braids, locs, and wigs in half the time. Plus 7 different tension settings and 3 heat settings, so you can choose the setting that works best for you. 

RevAir uses less heat than a standard hairdryer and cuts down drying time by at least 1/3. This means that hair is exposed to less heat, for much less time, and is a great choice for all kinds of relaxed hair. RevAir uses relatively low heat and has a brushless smoothing ability. When drying extensions, we recommend using low heat and lower tension, and testing by holding the hair in place by the binding when first Reving. 

According to experts, this makes RevAir a safer option for all hair types, including those straightened and possibly damaged by chemical treatments.

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