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How does it work?

Learn more about how RevAir's technology works, and how it can make a difference in your hair care routine.

How does RevAir compare to a blow dryer?

Comparing RevAir directly with traditional blow dryers can be difficult. RevAir and a blow dryer both use heated air to dry and style hair...that is where the similarities end. 😉. RevAir does all the hard work for you, going from wet to smooth with

What temperature does RevAir operate at?

RevAir offers 3 heat options: High(||), Low (|), and No heat (O) The temperature during use is determined by several variables: the ambient air, the amount of hair per section, the amount of saturation of the hair section, the Reverse-Air speed and

What hair lengths does RevAir take?

RevAir can be used on all hair lengths, from very short to very long. RevAir needs 3" in length to feed into the mouth of the Wand and can Rev up to 6 foot long hair.  Because RevAir dries hair straight, short hair may benefit from a bit of styling

Can I use RevAir on chemically straightened hair, or wigs, weaves & extensions?

Yes! RevAir can be used on wigs, weaves & extensions including the following: sewn in tape in pre bonded RevAir is designed with 7 different tension settings that is gentle, safe, and a seamless integration of heat & suction. We recommend using low