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What hair lengths does RevAir take?Updated a year ago

RevAir can be used on all hair lengths, from very short to very long.

RevAir needs 3" in length to feed into the mouth of the Wand and can Rev up to 5.5-foot long hair. Because RevAir dries hair straight, short hair may benefit from a bit of styling or shaping with other tools once dried. 

Long hair will go through the Wand and into the Hose and will accommodate even the longest hair.  Though, very long hair will be much less dense at the ends, watch your speed levels to guard against tangles.

You may also be wondering...can my hair get stuck in RevAir?

We love hair and believe it should stay right where it is.....on your head.

No, your hair cannot get stuck or caught in RevAir. RevAir has years of extensive research under its belt, and the device is aerodynamically designed to ensure a smooth, unobstructed flow of hair.

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