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How does RevAir compare to a blow dryer?Updated 10 months ago

Comparing RevAir directly with traditional blow dryers can be difficult. RevAir and a blow dryer both use heated air to dry and style hair...that is where the similarities end. 😉 

RevAir does all the hard work for you, going from wet to smooth with no heat damage, tears, or sweating in the process. RevAir can be used to dry natural hair, extensions, braids, twist-outs, and locs, saving your hair's health while providing an elevated hair-drying experience.

RevAir consists of a vacuum motor and a heater that injects a small amount of heated air into the incoming air stream. RevAir gently draws the moisture out of the hair using suction and very little heat to inject a small amount of warm air into the air stream. Frizz is eliminated naturally because the air stream is flowing in the same natural direction as the cuticles, sealing them and locking out frizz. The drying efficiency is at least 3X that of a traditional blow dryer.

Typical blow dryers will have an output temp of around 120°Celsius (248° Fahrenheit) at a few inches away from the nozzle, while flat irons, curling irons & heated brushes can reach up to 232° Celsius (450° Fahrenheit). 

RevAir's internal temperature sensors maintain even heat (158°F low, 220°F on high) significantly below the temperature threshold of which hair is subject to heat damage. RevAir will not impact natural curl patterns.

Friction is the silent culprit behind a multitude of hair problems – from frizz and breakage to split ends and lackluster shine. RevAir’s friction-free airflow preserves hair’s strength, shine, color and overall health.

Wondering if RevAir has ionic or tourmaline technology like a blow dryer?

Ionic blow dryers have a positive ion generator connected to the power source that directs positive ions into the air stream. Positive ions are shown to help with frizz and drying times but the effect is subjective. 

Tourmaline is a coating or material applied to the air output grille on a hairdryer where a similar effect happens. The material itself theoretically will emit positive ions.  Ceramic heaters use ceramic heating elements where in theory, some infrared heat is emitted onto the hair. All of these technologies can provide a small improvement with a traditional blow dryer that blows hot air.  

RevAir gently draws moisture out of the hair using reverse-air (aka suction) and uses very little heat to inject a small amount of warm air into the air stream. Frizz is eliminated naturally and the drying efficiency is 3X that of a blow dryer.

RevAir naturally aligns the hair strands and lays down the cuticles because of the direction of airflow and the negative pressure environment inside the Wand. This negative pressure environment is also ideal for infusing nutrient-rich hair products into the hair strands.

RevAir owners report that continual use of negative pressure (heated suction) to dry hair results in hair that is healthier than ever before.

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