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Can RevAir be used on dry hair or to style my hair?Updated a year ago

While RevAir is designed as a hair dryer, you can still “dry Rev” to freshen up your hair in between washes. 

Either use RevAir on totally dry sections for a few seconds (far less time than if you were drying). Or lightly spray your hair with water and Rev till dry. Dry Reving works best on hair that’s been previously dried using a RevAir and will help restore smoothness and shine on those days when you get caught in the rain, or the humidity is simply off the charts

RevAir is designed to dry, stretch and smooth your hair giving you the flexibility and time savings to style how you choose!   

There are a few things you can do to create some shape: 

  • Try bending hair over the edge of the Wand’s mouth to create a curve. 
  • Rev your crown section(s) straight up so the heat dries roots in a straight-up position. This helps hair find its natural part and provides extra lift.

See the below video that highlights this technique! 

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