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How to Rev

First time Reving? Start here! Read our favorite tips and tricks for getting your best RevAir results.

Unboxing & Assembly | RevAir Device 101

Unbox your New RevAir and start your healthy hair journey today. Getting ready to Rev only takes a few minutes!

Start Here! How to Rev Your Hair

Learn to Rev your hair in 1-minute videos.       Interested in more videos? Find our YouTube Channel HERE

What levels should I set my Reverse-Air Speed and Heat to? How big should my sections be?

Characteristics including volume, texture, thickness, length and hair health play a role in how hair will react to reverse-air and heat settings. Reverse-Air Speed (Dial on Base): Higher settings will provide more tension, but not all hair types –

Damp roots, frizz, or tangles? How to get the best results!

If your roots are not drying, it’s likely that you are either not holding the mouth of the wand to your scalp for long enough, or you may not be reaching all the roots of a given section. Be sure to..... reach the full scalp area by gently moving the

What hair products can, or can’t I use with RevAir?

For best results, we recommend checking out this list of hair care products that do - and don't - play well with your RevAir.

Where can I find tutorial videos?

Our How To videos and other helpful tutorials can be found on our YouTube channel as well as our social media pages.   Be in the know and stay up to date by following us @myrevair 📽️YouTube ❤️Instagram 👍Facebook

Can RevAir be used on dry hair or to style my hair?

While RevAir is designed as a hair dryer, you can still “dry Rev” to freshen up your hair in between washes. Either use RevAir on totally dry sections for a few seconds (far less time than if you were drying). Or lightly spray your hair with water