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Damp roots, frizz, or tangles? How to get the best results!Updated 10 months ago

RevAir uses technology that is incredibly different from other tools - and it can take a bit of time to perfect your technique! Check out some tips below for common challenges among your first few Revs. 


Used properly on well-maintained hair, RevAir should not cause tangling. When hair tangles, it can be due to a few different factors such as tension setting, hair section size, dampness of the hair, products used, etc.

If you do experience tangling it is likely because:

  • The Reverse-Air speed is too high for your hair
    • Try bringing down the speed to a level where tangles do not occur.
  • Your section sizes are too small or too large
    • We typically recommend section sizes of 3 inches by 3 inches in diameter. Experiment with larger/smaller section sizes to find a size that works best for you
  • Your section consists of layered strands of dramatically differing lengths.
    • The hair will be much less dense at the ends than closer to your scalp if you have layers. This throws off the aerodynamics inside the wand and hose. Be sure to section your hair according to its layer length and group similar lengths together in a section.
  • Your ends need a trim
    • If it has been some time since your last trim, it's possible that your ends are much less dense than the rest of the length and/or may consist of a lot of split ends.
      • Trimming your hair regularly enhances your RevAir experience and is just plain good for hair health.
  • Your hair has been chemically treated or has excessive heat damage
    • If this is the case, Rev on lower speeds and try using a moisturizing leave-in conditioner to help with any undesired texture 
  • You're using the wrong type of product before Reving
    • Products such as mousse, gels, or paste cause hair to stiffen and harden when exposed to heat, and we recommend avoiding these before Reving


There are a few factors to help combat frizz. The most important step is to start with wet, freshly washed & detangled hair.  When Reving, make sure the hair is 100% dry when you remove each section from the Wand.

Below are a few more detailed tips to help lock down your frizz:

  • Water is RevAir's wingman and BFF.  Freshly washed & conditioned hair works best!  
    • *Semi-dry hair will negatively affect RevAir results
  • Section size - use 3x3 inch sections of hair
    • If the section is too small, it allows for too much extra space inside of the Wand for the hair to "flutter" during use, which results in tangles & inconsistent airflow. 
  • Try timing your section
    • When you find your hair is dry after pulling it out of the Wand, add another 10 seconds.  It's that last 10 seconds in the wand that really helps seal down the cuticle for a sleek finish.
  • Use a "cool shot" to add shine and smooth ends
    • Turn off the heat at the end of the section by toggling the heat to (O) on the Wand for the last 5-10 seconds of your section once the hair is fully dried in the Wand. This helps to seal the cuticle for a sleeker finish and helps to continually fight frizz throughout the day. 
  • Don't "pump" the wand up and down
    • Holding the wand's mouth to the scalp is a good practice.  There is no need to move the wand up & down the hair strand - this can cause tangling. Repositioning on the scalp every 15 seconds or so to fully dry the roots is okay.
  • Use the right product before Reving
    • Smoothing and moisturizing products can help to amplify great RevAir results 
    • Avoid oversaturation of any product before Reving - less is more! 

Roots not fully dry?

If your roots are not drying, it’s likely that you are either not holding the mouth of the wand to your scalp for long enough, or you may not be reaching all the roots of a given section.

Be sure to.....

  • reach the full scalp area by gently moving the mouth, or even “dabbing” it with a gentle motion, focus the mouth of the Wand on where you want the heat concentrated
  • not to use too big of a section of hair
  • let the section of hair fully dry by checking the roots first - if damp continue drying

Fun Fact! There are small holes in the mouth of the wand that emits heat to fully dry the hair from root to end! While Reving, hold the wand directly to your scalp to ensure that heat dries your roots 100%

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