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What hair products can, or can’t I use with RevAir?Updated 3 months ago

RevAir works best on freshly washed, damp hair. The Reverse-Air technology does all the work by sealing the cuticle around your products, so you can use less product and expect better results!

The best products to apply before you Rev should have "slip" and are meant to hydrate and/or seal:

  • RevAir branded hair care products 
  • silks
  • leave-in conditioners
  • silicons

Products that don't play well with your RevAir are those containing fixative or tack-building ingredients that are meant to create volume or hold. These products cause hair to harden inside the RevAir during use which can negatively affect results or cause tangles. Examples include:

  • styling gel
  • mousse
  • hairspray
  • thickeners
  • texturizers 
  • paste

When using products, check the filter regularly for buildup and scrub clean as indicated in our Filter Cleaning article.

CAUTION: Prior to using RevAir, any leave-in product should be applied sparingly. Do not saturate the hair with leave-in hair care products or water to the point of dripping. Any excess substance on or in the device can cause damage and void your warranty. 

* The Original RevAir device cannot be exposed to oils or oil-based products, as they damage the device. Do not apply these before Reving if you are using an Original RevAir model. 

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