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Start Here! How to Rev Your HairUpdated 4 months ago

RevAir dries, stretches, and smooths all hair types with no heat damage or sweat!

For best results, hair should be freshly washed, conditioned & detangled. We recommend the surface water first be absorbed either by wrapping hair up in a towel for a few minutes or lightly toweling hair down.

*Semi-dry hair will affect the results of sealing the cuticle for frizz-free shine

  1. Detangle & comb through freshly washed and conditioned hair
    1. Apply your favorite leave-in or heat protectant
  2. Section: Think through your section pattern and either pre-clip or manage your sections as you progress.
    1. Take your first section – gathered from about a 3” by 3” scalp area section and feed it into the Wand bringing the mouth right to your scalp.
    2. Slowly move the mouth across the scalp, or lightly dab it, so you reach the full area and dry all its roots. The heat generated from the Wand kept firm or close to your scalp, will dry the section’s full length. Don’t pump the wand or move it back and forth over the length as this is not needed and may disrupt the even airflow.
  3. Setting: Test hair to determine the right levels on both the Reverse-Air and Heat
    1. Base: begin by setting your Reverse-Air Speed to Level 2. Move up level by level until you find your ideal speed
    2. Wand: set the Temperature Control on Wand at Low (|).  If you find you need more heat, switch to the High (||) setting.  
  4. Seconds: Drying time varies by hair type & texture, but commonly ranges from 30 to 90 seconds. Pull the Wand about 2 inches from the scalp to feel if the root is still damp. When dry pull the wand away allowing the section to fall free. Repeat this section by section until complete.

Can I use my RevAir on dry hair?

While RevAir is designed as a hair dryer, you can still “dry Rev” to freshen up your hair in between washes. Either use RevAir on totally dry sections for a few seconds (far less time than if you were drying). Or lightly spray your hair with water and Rev till dry. Dry Reving works best on hair that’s been previously dried using a RevAir and will help restore smoothness and shine on those days when you get caught in the rain, or the humidity is simply off the charts!

Learn to Rev your hair in 1-minute videos:


Interested in more videos? Find our YouTube Channel HERE 


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