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What levels should I set my Reverse-Air Speed and Heat to? How big should my sections be?Updated a year ago

Characteristics including volume, texture, thickness, length, and hair health play a role in how your hair will react to the reverse-air and heat settings.

Reverse-Air Speed: Higher settings will provide more tension, but not all hair types – even curly and coily - need higher tension for best results. If hair doesn’t need a high setting, it may not tolerate a high setting.

To find your most effective speed, we recommend testing a wet section of hair on a tension speed of "3" for 10 seconds. Check to make sure there are no tangles beginning to form at the ends of the hair before moving up to the next tension speed "3" for another 10 seconds. Repeat the process, increasing in tension speed, until you find the level that gives your hair the best results. 

If at any point tangling occurs, turn the speed down by 1 tension setting - this is your tension speed setting for best results. 

Heat (Toggle on Wand): Internal temperature sensors maintain even heat (158 degrees low/220 degrees on high) significantly below the temperature threshold of which hair is subject to heat damage. RevAir will not impact natural curl patterns. We recommend you experiment with both settings to find what’s best for you. If you like to finish on cold when blow-drying, you can achieve a “cold or cool shot” by completely turning off the heat (O) to help seal down the cuticle for the last 5-10 seconds of each section. 

Begin with a 3-inch by 3-inch section at the scalp. If your hair has a lot of volume, start with slightly smaller sections, so as not to inhibit airflow in the Wand.

When held to the scalp, the Wand should reach all roots by gently moving the Wand Mouth across the section. No need to move the wand up and down the hair strands, keep it close to the roots.

*Should a section of hair be too large in volume, the Heat Chamber will shut down indicating the section size should be reduced.  Simply remove the hair section and retry with less hair.  The Heat Chamber will resume automatically. 

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