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Certified Factory Refurbished RevAir FAQ'sUpdated 2 months ago

FAQ: Refurbished RevAir - Your Questions Answered

Refurbished RevAir Dryer

What is a Refurbished RevAir?

A Refurbished RevAir is a gently used device with 5 hours or less of run time. These devices may have been utilized for display, demonstrations, or returned. While there might be small cosmetic scratches or dings, rest assured that these imperfections do not impact the integrity or operation of the device. Each Refurbished RevAir undergoes a thorough cleaning and inspection process to meet the same standards as a brand-new unit. Benefit from the same groundbreaking features with the added advantage of cost savings.

What warranty comes with a Refurbished RevAir?

Refurbished RevAir devices come with a 90-day limited warranty. Unlike new units, they do not carry the standard 1-year warranty. It's important to note that this limited warranty ensures that your Refurbished RevAir is free from defects and will operate within specified parameters. No matter the circumstance or age of your device, reach out to our Support Team if there is ever an issue with your RevAir, and we will go over the options available to find the best solution for you. 

XCover Extended Warranty plans can not be purchased for a Refurbished RevAir.

Do I need to register my Refurbished RevAir for the limited warranty?

 No, there is no need for registration. If you encounter any issues with your Refurbished RevAir within the 90-day limited warranty period, just contact our Support Team - be prepared to provide them with your order details and the device Serial Number. Our dedicated team will guide you through troubleshooting steps, and if necessary, initiate the warranty process to address any challenges you may be facing.

Can I return a Refurbished RevAir?

No, sales of Refurbished RevAir units are final, and they are not eligible for return. Due to the nature of refurbished products and the discounted pricing, we do not offer the 30-day return guarantee that is applicable to new units. We recommend carefully considering your purchase and ensuring that a Refurbished RevAir is the right fit for your needs before completing your order.

How do I know if a Refurbished RevAir is suitable for me?

If you've experienced the benefits of using or borrowing RevAir and are looking to add a device to your collection, a Refurbished RevAir could be a great option. Whether you want a second unit for a different room or to share with your family, the Refurbished RevAir provides an affordable way to enjoy the innovative features of our products. Keep in mind that the refurbished inventory is limited, so act quickly if you find this option suitable for your needs.

What should I expect in terms of cosmetic condition?

While Refurbished RevAir devices may have minor cosmetic imperfections such as scratches or dings, these blemishes are purely aesthetic and won't impact the performance of the device. Our commitment to quality ensures that each refurbished unit meets the high standards of a new device.

If you have been eying the RevAir device but are looking for a more cost-effective option, a Refurbished RevAir can be a fantastic addition to your beauty routine. Just be mindful that sales are final, and returns are not accepted. Act promptly to secure your Refurbished RevAir, as inventory is limited. If you have any specific questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our customer support team for assistance.

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