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How do I empty and clean the Filter Basket?Updated a year ago

Keeping your Removable Mesh Filter Basket clean is crucial to your RevAir's health and performance over time. It is essential to remove and scrub the Filter Basket with mild soap and toothbrush or scrubby every 3-5 uses - this will keep your RevAir in tip-top shape. 

When product build-up occurs in the mesh of the Filter, it obstructs the airflow of your RevAir. This can cause it to run hotter and the tension may even be noticeably decreased. The Wand has an internal sensor, so if it gets too hot from obstructed airflow, the Wand heat may shut on and off. 

Below is an example photo! 

Watch this information video to learn more and see some good Filter scrubbing in action! 💪

Save time by adding a washable foam liner inside of your stainless steel filter to make filter cleaning easier than ever. The foam liner acts as a barrier to protect your stainless steel filter and minimize build-up within the mesh that requires scrubbing. 

We recommend emptying your filter every 2-3 uses and washing your filter after every 5 uses.  


  • With your Reverse-Air Dryer unplugged, unlock the Filter Panel by rotating the Panel Latch counter-clockwise.

  • Remove the Filter panel and set it aside.
  • Slide out the Filter Basket and empty any accumulated hair.


We recommend cleaning the exhaust filters once per month. The New RevAir has dual exhaust filters located on each side of the Base, shown below.

  • To remove the Exhaust Filter simply pinch the sides together and gently pull to remove the filter from its housing within the Base.

  • After removing the Exhaust Filter, shake off any dust and rinse well with warm (not hot) water. Do not wring or twist.

  • Gently shake out any excess water, place on a cloth or paper towel, and allow to air dry.

  • When completely dry, insert the Exhaust Filter back into the Base, in the original orientation.

  • While gently pinching the sides, press the filter back into the Base.


We recommend checking and cleaning your Heat Chamber Cover as you notice hair, dust, or lint accumulation or build-up on the screens.

  • First, unplug your Reverse-Air Dryer.

  • Twist Heat Chamber Cover located at the rear of your RevAir Wand counter-clockwise to remove.

  • Remove any accumulated hair and/or lint from both Heat Chamber Screens by lightly brushing with a small dry brush such as a soft toothbrush.

  • Replace the Heat Chamber Cover by aligning notches, pushing the Heat Chamber Cover on, and twisting clockwise until secure.

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