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Troubleshooting tips to get you back up & Reving with your New RevAir device.


How do I empty and clean the Filter Basket?

Keeping your Removable Mesh Filter Basket clean is crucial to your RevAir's health and performance over time. It is essential to remove and scrub the Filter Basket with mild soap and toothbrush or scrubby every 3-5 uses.

Why isn't my RevAir powering on?

No power? Check these troubleshooting steps for your RevAir.

My RevAir isn't! How do I use my Warranty?

Find all of the information on your RevAir Warranty and how to get in contact with our support team for help.

How do I connect my Wand to my Hose?

Make sure your Wand and Hose are connected properly before Reving!

How do I connect my Hose to my Base?

Connect your RevAir Base and Hose easily with these instructions!