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My RevAir isn't! How do I use my Warranty?Updated a month ago

We are so sorry to hear you are running into a challenge - we're here to help!  

For additional assistance contact our Customer Support team to speak with one of our Advisors HERE and be sure to include:

  • Original order information 
  • Device Serial Number
  • Photos of any physical damage 
  • List of any hair care products typically used before Reving 
  • Detailed explanation of what you're experiencing
  • Current Shipping Address

Feel free to also hit up the chat bubble in the bottom right corner, or shoot us a text at (440) 462-6100 - we are here for you!

For reference, your Serial Number can be found on the bottom of your New RevAir device.

Warranty service shipments must include forms provided to you by RevAir Customer Support, along with verification of valid Serial Number and proof of purchase/original receipt. Prior authorization is necessary on all warranty requests. RevAir cannot accept any warranty products without return authorization. Return acceptance is at the sole discretion of RevAir. It is the right of RevAir to replace your device with a refurbished item of equal or greater value. 

Helpful Hint: Retaining your original packaging will aid in the safe shipment of your RevAir, in case of warranty service. 

ADDITIONAL LIMITATIONS & EXCLUSIONS Any implied warranties, liabilities or obligations, including but not limited to any warranty of fitness for particular purposes or merchantability, shall be limited to the duration of this warranty. In no event shall, RevAir be liable for special, incidental or consequential damages, nor any damages beyond the cost of the product, for breach of this or any other warranty express or implied whatsoever. State to state, specific legal rights may vary, and you may have others.

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