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How do I store my RevAir device?Updated 2 years ago

RevAir’s Wand, Hose, and the electric cord can be neatly wrapped and secured to the Base so it can be stored away in a dry safe place when not in use.

Click HERE for a quick instructional video showing how to wrap your Hose around the Base unit and attach the Wand to the Docking Hook for storage.  


  1. Wrap your electric cord around the Wrap plate
  2. Start wrapping the Hose around the Base clockwise (the side the Docking Hook is on)
  3. You may need to twist & rotate the Wand in your Hand while wrapping
  4. On the 3rd wrap locate the slits on the Wand and slide onto the Docking Hook

Here are a few tips to make this an easier process!  

  • The Hose is a bit more flexible right after Reving 
  • Try setting your Base on the Ground or a table 
  • It may take a few tries to get used to the movement 😊
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