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Troubleshooting tips to get you back up & Reving for your Original RevAir device.

How do I connect my Wand to my Hose?

If you are experiencing "no heat" - this could be a sign that your Wand & Hose may not be connected properly.  Check to ensure your Wand & Hose are locked in place.

My Wand is not producing Heat?

If you are experiencing no heat coming from your Wand there are a few items to check. Power the Base of the device to On (-) turn tension speed on the Base to 3 and the heat on the Wand to Off (O) Place a couple fingers in the mouth of the Wand, then

Why is the light on the handle of my Base flashing?

RevAir has 2 different illuminated light sequences within the Handle to help diagnose the issue Light  Sequence Guide Fast flashing sequence = 1 sec in between each flash.  This is an indicator the device is not getting proper airflow which can be

Why isn't my RevAir powering on?

No power to your device can be fixed by checking both your ALCI & Circuit Breaker.  If you are not getting any power to your RevAir (handle is not illuminated blue) check the following: ALCI safety feature: Plug your device into the wall outlet Turn

My RevAir isn't! How do I use my Warranty?

We are so sorry to hear you are running into a challenge!   Here are some helpful troubleshooting links to get started. Is it time to clean your Filter? Wand not producing Heat? Why is the light on my handle flashing? No Power? We're here to help

How do I store my RevAir device?

RevAir’s Wand, Hose, and electric Cord can be neatly wrapped and secured to the Base so it can be stored away in a dry safe place when not in use. Click HERE for a quick instructional video showing how to wrap your Hose around the Base unit and

How do I empty and clean the Filter Basket on my Original RevAir?

Cleaning your Filter Basket is crucial for the health and longevity of your RevAir device. Read more about maintenance and filter cleaning here.