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My Wand is not producing Heat?Updated 2 years ago

If you are experiencing no heat coming from your Wand there are a few items to check.

  1. Power the Base of the device to On (-) turn tension speed on the Base to 3 and the heat on the Wand to Off (O)
  2. Place a couple of fingers in the mouth of the Wand, then toggle the heat down to Low (|). Notice, can you feel the heat?
  3. Then toggle the heat to High (||). Notice, is the heat getting increasingly warmer? Does it sound like a motor in the Wand is running?

Tip: you should be able to hear a volume difference toggling between Off, Low & High

Check the Wand & Hose connection to ensure they are properly connected in place.

Instructions: Line up the groove in the Wand & the Key on the Hose

💪 Give it a good strong push together, and a sharp twist 💪 while pushing you will hear a CLICK


*Should a section of hair be too large in volume, the Heat Chamber located in the Wand will shut down, indicating the section size should be reduced. Simply remove the hair section and retry with less hair. The Heat Chamber will resume automatically in about 10 seconds.


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