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Why isn't my RevAir powering on?Updated 2 years ago

No power to your device can be fixed by checking both your ALCI & Circuit Breaker.

If you are not getting any power to your RevAir (handle is not illuminated blue) check the following:

ALCI safety feature:

  1. Plug your device into the wall outlet
  2. Turn on (-) Power Button that can be found under the Handle
  3. Test and reset the ALCI module on the end of the power cord.
    1. First press the yellow TEST > then red RESET 

Circuit Breaker:

Check the integrated circuit breaker found on the bottom back of your RevAir Base.

  1. Power Off (O) Base
  2. *If White wait 10 mins and push back in
  3. Power On (-) Base

 Here is a quick video:




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