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Why is the light on the handle of my Base flashing?Updated 2 years ago

RevAir has 2 different illuminated light sequences within the Handle to help diagnose the issue

Light  Sequence Guide

  • Fast flashing sequence= 1 sec in between each flash. This is an indicator the device is not getting proper airflow which can be caused by the below:
    • Clogged/Dirty filter - the water should be able to freely run through the mesh portion of the filter. If water is standing still or slowly draining your filter needs a good scrub.  Click HERE for directions on how to clean
    • Kink in the hose - check the entire length of the hose to see if there are any kinks or damaged areas
    • The back of the unit is too close to a wall not allowing exhaust air to freely move


  • Slow Flashing Sequence = 3 seconds in between each flash. This is an indicator the Filter or Filter Panel is not connected. Check the following:
    • Power Off the Base of the device and unlock the Filter panel 
    • Remove the Filter basket from Base
    • Then reinsert the Filter Panel, making sure that the plastic lip on the panel is set into the groove on the inside of the Base unit. Listen for a soft click and re-lock.
    • Plugin the RevAir and then press the TEST button, then the RESET button.
    • Power on the RevAir and set the tension to 4


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